English speaking hair salon osaka. Product introduction.

Some products we’d love you to try out at VOICE CO. include Stephen Knoll New York, specifically their professional series.

They of a higher quality than the normal line that you can typically find elsewhere.

The brand is by the New York based hair stylist of the same name, who collaborated with  Tokyo-based Kosé, aiming for something with a New York aesthetic using Japanese technology.


You can experience a bit of Japan!

The shampoo is airy is our No. 1 shampoo at VOICE CO.

We recommend you take a swing at it because we are confident you will like it.

You can find these to your left after you leave the elevator.

Go ahead and hold them and ask us any questions that you might have.

Minus cosmetics are another favorite of ours.

We offer the hair oil, hair balm, and hand gel. They are organic and from Tokyo.

The oil is for both styling and body.

You can find the Minus hand gel right next to the elevator at VOICE CO.

The smell is a tinge like flowers, or like a calm forest pond on a sunny day.

It spreads like a dream and absorbs quickly without a greasy feel.

Come to our salon in Osaka and try it for yourself!

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