English speaking Hair Salon in Osaka.

VOICE CO.is quick walk from Shinsaibashi Station in Osaka, Japan. Produced by the assort group, we use a wide variety of skills collected from our international salon branches in New York, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and more.

Enjoy the cool atmosphere, and with English! Our staff can help you break the language barrier and are going through English training. The salon has a minimalist design – like an art showroom, with chill music and pops of colored furniture.

Our hair cuts are of a high level, and one of our distinctions is our natural hairstyles. Itto is our number one stylist, and he has been making customers smile for years with his beautiful cuts.

You can relax deeply at the head spa, and even sleep. It’s slightly elevated from the rest of the salon and it’s a fun and perfect place to wrap up your day in Osaka.

Enjoy a free drink with your visit – with a selection big enough to put Uniqlo’s sock selection to shame! Well, almost. Lemonade is our number one drink.

Come have wonderful time at VOICE CO.at your earliest convenience!

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